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Hello Bryan,

Really enjoyed the sessions will miss them and would have loved to do some more, they have helped me so much with a positive attitude and to understand how my negative thoughts affected my life, and how to change my thought process to a more positive way of thinking and relaxing. I also found the book you recommended to me very interesting and helpful and the CD's great for d-stressing and getting a good night's sleep.

As a result I'm sleeping much better, able to relax more, and not getting so stressed & just feeling happier in myself, I also have more energy with a more positive mental attitude and enjoying life instead of focusing on the negative side of things and all that was wrong in my life and with my health, and now seeing all the good things and doing more things I enjoy, & having some peace in my mind and body.
Thanks again.

Hi Bryan,

I would just like to thank you for all your help and therapy. I first saw you only four weeks ago suffering with stress, extreme sadness. I had lost all my confidence, suffering from anxiety and all that goes with it. This was having a negative effect on my health, my Crohn's disease and family. With your help I now understand a change in my life behaviour is what I need to practice, but I could not do this without your hypnosis therapy and listening to your relaxation CD'S. The deep sadness has as good as gone and my confidence is returning in work and at home. You have helped me to understand negative thoughts are just that, thoughts, and I have to take control of them and not allow them to take over my life. I now feel in more control. The internal affect all the negative feeling was having on my health, replacing internal shaking and pain with a warm calm effect in my bowel. The result in such a short time is amazing and I cannot thank you enough. I am feeling more positive about the future of my condition with the lessons I have learnt and learning from you.
Thank you again.

Dear Bryan,

I've been doing really well these last few weeks. I wake up alert and ready to face the day when I fall asleep listening to your CDs. All who know me can't believe how calm I am, they all comment on the glow coming from me.

I feel more empowered to quieten my mind I have the controls and the movies CAN be turned off and my mind can be at peace..
Thank you.

Dear Bryan,
I just would like to say thank you for your help. The sessions were very helpful. I feel now stronger and more confident. Even if there is any stressful situation, I know now how to control this and keep calm. Every day is even better and I looking forward to see that in the future.

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