At the start of this year I received an email from a woman and some of the words she said were, “I have always suffered from Depression”, I think I am going totally mad”, “I’m desperate for help”.

So she came to see me, and told me her story. She had 3 children and one had died nearly two years ago, and she feels that she cannot grieve properly over the loss of her son, because her mind is so full of other stuff, and she blocks it all out because she is “terrified of her grief”.

She was also diagnosed with Post Natal Depression some ten years ago.

She found herself “stuck to the bed”, and can’t sleep with “unwanted thoughts”, and “no energy”.

In this loop of lifestyle there is little room for anything new to happen, and quiet connected intelligent conversation becomes a rarity.

So many of my clients have such busy lives, it seems that they rarely create time out, on their own, to just relax and chill out.

Others feel what time they do have, they feel the need to be productive and fill it with other stuff.

It’s such a pity really because it’s this quiet time that is the incubation period for creativity and real productivity.

From looking after children, to paying the bills, to working with people, so many things to fill the day, and then dealing with their own inner insecurities and worries.

How many times do we get to sit down and have a nice quiet intelligent conversation with someone?

Few people these days get a chance to be on their own somewhere, let their minds settle, and allow their whole system to completely simmer down, so much there to be enjoyed.

The thing that amazes me all time is that when you have a conversation with someone on a deep quiet connected level, their wisdom always comes through.

When you listen, and really hear what they are saying, you have a wonderful opportunity to then reflect that information back in the form of a learning about how our thinking actually works, and causes, moment to moment, the feelings and emotions that we experience, which then causes us to act in the way that we do.

Because we all want to feel better, more of the time, and we kind of know that life is a “full contact sport” anyway, with its natural ups and downs, and we are always looking for ways to feel better.

The great thing about people and the resilience within us, is the innate wisdom and common sense that is available to us all, and which automatically brings new thinking, born out of a new understanding, another piece of the unending jigsaw puzzle of life.

Now after a few sessions with this lady, where we discussed how this understanding can transform our lives, how our emotions and feelings are caused, and how we as energy beings are having a human existence, through the vehicle of thought, she is now finding that her life is returning to some kind of normal stability, as a result of her knowing a lot more about how we as humans experience our individual lives.

She is finding that even though other people may be causing friction and problems around her that, she can still be fairly calm, still and wise in the background.

This simple understanding has transformed her relationships with other people as they pick up on this new calmness, and find themselves thinking differently as well.

She said that “I am grieving in a healthy way now, remembering my son in a good way, with a smile on my face”.

She also said “I am not carrying around any guilt anymore, and I know that if I get in a bad feeling that, if I let it, it will move on, and a nicer feeling will take its place”

This is the “rudder” that we have for our ship, and as captain we have complete control over the directions that we take.

This is what happens when we lose the conditioned way of thinking, and the untruths that we have all grown up with, as new and more up to date information forms new beliefs within us.

None of us are broken, no matter what anyone else says, and we all have the potential to go in a different direction, at a moment’s notice.

To see how quickly someone can turn around their life, in real life, is wonderful, and so simple really, just from the want of knowing one of the fundamental truths of life.

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