Imagine for a moment, if you will, that every little emotion that you experience, every feeling of anxiety, insecurity, anger, frustration, every feeling of peace, calmness and wellbeing, are all created by your wonderful imagination.

This gift of being able to make up and entertain any thoughts in our mind, any reality that we choose, is an amazing thing, and whatever we make up becomes our own personal reality, a piece along the way that when all put together, becomes the movie of our life.

Can you see that? Do you really see that your complete life experience, and everybody else’s, is just a series of thoughts, end to end, and you make it all up. It’s just the way we all work, everyone of us, making movies up, all the time, and behaving as if they were real, when it’s all a product of the special effects department in our own minds.

Life happens around us, people will behave and make decisions based on their own thoughts, but all of this has no effect on how we feel, as a fact of life, because our feelings and emotions come from our own thoughts, and nothing else.

Now, just for a moment take that as being a fact of life, something that is true, and that you can hang onto, what would it mean? It would mean that whatever is going on in your life, whatever your circumstances may be, you, have the last call on how you want to think and feel about it.

Because our feelings and emotions are a direct consequence of each and every thought that we entertain, this information changes the game, no longer can we blame our circumstances or the people that are around us for how we feel.

The sense of freedom knowing that we are in control over our feelings drops any thoughts of being a victim to life’s challenges.

Seeing the individuality of each and every one of us, and the unique and varied movies that we all make up, shows us how innocent we all are, and awakens new feelings of compassion for anyone that is caught up in a “thought storm”.

So, if you are getting even the smallest glimpse of the deep common sense that runs through this understanding, you may find yourself looking at life in a different way, in a lighter way, knowing that whatever challenge comes your way, you can handle it, and be ok.

Anyone out there suffering from overuse of their thinking can really learn and benefit about what I’m talking about here, in untold ways, by arranging a personal consultation with me in the Blackrock, Co. Dublin area, or by Skype. Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed it. Bryan

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