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The Science
3 Principles/Health Realisation
The Three Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought

A Moment in Time…..

There comes a moment hopefully, when we see, that behind every behaviour, behind every feeling and emotion, there lies a certain thought, or a series of thoughts, that are nothing more than the product of our wonderful imagination.

And when we see this, and understand it, it’s a bit like seeing how the magician does his card trick – it’s so simple, and we’re fooled no more.

Have we all grown up innocently fooled by a magicians trick? Yes we have, believing that our thoughts are a true representation of reality – when they are not.

And so what does that mean?

It means that knowing that now, the smart thing would be to align ourselves with the correct guidance system.

If our thoughts are not real, and only the product of our own creation, an illusion from our own special effects department, then what do we believe in? How do we know what to say, how to behave and react to the world around us.

The answer is, the feelings and emotions that we are experiencing, moment to moment. Our body’s way of telling us know how trustworthy our thinking is, and what to pay attention to.

There is a smooth, calm, confident feeling, that we all have experienced many times.This is the place where we do our best stuff, play our best game, made the right decisions. This is the zone where all the goodies are.

And it’s there forever – it never goes away.

So take your foot off the pedal – let it all settle – watch your ok-ness show up – it always does – it always will.

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