What would it mean for someone to know that they are not broken, that in fact they work perfectly well, and in any moment of time. are only a thought away from peace of mind and contentment.

I had a client recently, a young girl studying in university, in her early twenties. She had lost all of her motivation to study further as she believed that not only had she reached the end of her learning, but, in fact from here on in she was actually going to lose knowledge and learning. Think for a moment how damaging a thought process like that could be to a young person.

When she understood the above 1st paragraph she saw for the first time that she was in fact making it all up, and in fact now had the resources to make anything up, which was really good news because life just took off for her from then on.

What if no one is broken and there is no such thing as mental illness, just different degrees of mental health, and that everybody can enjoy a relatively stress free life by understanding some very simple facts about how life works for all of us.

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