A client of mine came to see me not so long ago, she was binge eating on food, and putting on a lot of weight.

It was clear from our conversation that she was living with a lot of anxiety, fear and pain in her life, and she said that, “the only time that I feel good in any way, is when I am eating all this food”.

She is doing all of this eating because she thinks that it’s the food that is giving her some sort of relief from the pain  and suffering that she is experiencing.

This is the typical, innocent story that I hear all the time from my clients, whether it’s the food, or the alcohol, or the cigarettes, or the gambling, it’s their way of getting a small bit of relief from the daily drudgery that becomes their life.

Except it’s not the food or the booze or the fags that’s making them feel better, and this is where the innocence comes in, what has caused them to feel better, is quite simply, that their thinking has changed, because the only thing that creates feelings is our thinking, 100%, as a fact of life.

Can it be this simple? Are we really doing all of this stuff because we misunderstand where our feelings and emotions are coming from? Yes and yes.

This misunderstanding that we have all grown up with has caused us all a lot of problems, to say the least, because the truth about what really causes our emotions and feelings, goes across the board, and is true for all areas of our lives.

In our innocence we contaminate an already there, beautiful and peaceful feeling, by believing that it’s our circumstances that cause us to feel anxiety or fear, or a family member that’s treating us a certain way causing us pain, or finances, bully at work, the list goes on and on.

This singular mis-understanding , it could be said, is the cause of all conflict in the world, and we are only starting to wake up to this fact, as this information spreads, and changes people’s lives in un-thought-of ways.

We really are only one thought away from feeling better in any moment, and that’s a fact, whether we know it or not.

If we know it and understand it deeply, the game changes overnight, the trick that fooled us all, time after time, just does not have the same effect on us anymore.

This change, which comes with the understanding, is the “contamination” falling away, and what’s left is the peaceful, contented feeling that is hard wired within all of us, as the sun shines through when the haze disintegrates.

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