Caught up in her Thinking…….

I had a client recently, a lady in her 40’s, married with kids etc, she said that she had lost all her confidence. She felt that all she was doing was looking after kids, husband, cleaning the house, cooking, laundry, taxi driver etc.

She was caught up in a loop of thinking about all this stuff, and she was feeling down, angry and depressed a lot of the time. Relationships with people were strained.

I’m sure a lot of women can relate to this. Getting into a rut and not knowing what to do about it, and wondering is this all there is in life for me now?

As I explained to her how the nature of thought works, she started to see that the emotions and feelings that she was experiencing were just a natural consequence of the thoughts that she was creating, and ruminating on, and that she actually had the choice in any one moment to entertain these thoughts or not.

In that moment when she saw this, it opened up a space in her mind where she also saw that in fact things could be different for her, and quickly, because in that space was hope, and hope is a new thought that brings a nicer feeling, and opens up new possibilities.

And in that space she also saw that she could make the time to enjoy the things that she liked to do, meeting a friend for coffee, going to a movie, a walk, reading a book.

Now her wisdom is flooding her mind with new ideas, and she is setting aside specific times in the week where she does nice things for herself, and lo and behold, and relatively easily, she has created a new life for herself.

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