Binge eating fools us into thinking that it’s the food that is making us feel better, when it’s not the food that is creating the feeling, but our thinking, and only our thinking, as it’s a closed system.

All that food that we innocently thought gave us a feeling of relief from the daily drudgery that we experience as our lives, has nothing to do with how we feel, and did nothing more than pile on the weight, and cause damage to our bodies.

When we see this deeply, we won’t be fooled anymore. If the good feeling that you are looking for is created by your thinking, and only your thinking, why would you keep on binge eating?

This is the type of insight that my clients get when they come to see me for a chat, as their level of understanding rises, and they learn about a fact of life that we have not been taught about in schools, or anywhere else, because no one really knew, except a few, up to this.

And it’s not just the food, it’s the alcohol, or the gambling, or the cigarettes, or any other so called “addictions” that we do, that for a brief period of time we innocently think makes us feel better.

To see deeply that we live in our own private world of thought, our own virtual reality game, which we are in complete control of, frees us from the mistaken belief that the outside world has anything to do with our feelings and emotions.

To see that there is no need to “fix” anything on the outside in order to feel good, and enjoy peace of mind and contentment, is profoundly liberating, and updates our belief operating system, putting us back in control of our lives.

To understand that what we experience as reality, is only the current movie that’s playing in our minds – which we have created from the special effects department, which is available, around the clock to us all.

When you get a glimpse of what’s really happening, it’s game over, as the rock hard beliefs of the past, firstly get shaken, and then crumble out of sight, making way for the foundations and continued learning of a whole new way of looking at things.

For anyone interested in finding out more about all of this, please get in touch, and we can skype or meet in person. To anyone close to Dublin, I’m giving an evening talk in Mount Merrion Community Center, on November 7th 2016. Please see details on facebook or website, events page.

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