There is the story about the elephant tied to a post by a strong chain that, when a small piece of string was used to replace the chain, he still stayed tied up, even though now, he is but one step from breaking free.

I had a client recently who binged on food and put on a lot of weight.Every time she reached for the food she felt a bit better, so naturally she learnt that eating food makes her feel better.

Except, that’s not how the system works, the food has nothing to do with how she feels, her feelings are caused by one thing only, and that’s her thinking.

So, she does not need the food to feel good, she can do it much easier by just changing her thinking, and the big bonus is that she stops piling on the pounds.

The alcoholic drinks to numb the pain, and when he does, the pain goes away, and so this becomes his way of getting rid of the pain, except, It’s not the alcohol that’s getting rid of the pain, it’s simply because his thoughts have changed.

0r, suffering from fear and insecurity, or being bullied and harassed by people and external forces, it’s very easy to get sucked into what we have all grown up with, a belief right at the source of everything, that’s now been shown to be untrue, and the sole reason why contentment and peace of mind is not the norm.

All emotions whether they be negative or positive, are caused by our thinking alone, and have nothing to do with how other people treat us, or situations and events that we find ourselves surrounded by.

Everyone knows that we all prefer pleasure rather than pain, and every decision we make takes this into account. We pursue all sorts of goals like acquiring assets, power, recognition etc, to this end.

The answer to all we desire is hidden in the last place that we would look, and that’s inside all of us, there to be used at a moment’s notice. What a wonderful trick to play.

See how the trick is done and your life changes dramatically, in alignment with everything else that works perfectly too.

As energy you get a glimpse of how the game is played, as a human, and how innocently everybody turns up to play. This softens our approach to life as the silliness of any kind of conflict becomes so obvious.

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