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The Science
3 Principles/Health Realisation
The Three Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought


Water flows forward all the time, and provides nutrients to everything that it comes into contact with. It is flexible and constantly changing shape. It just flows, and allows gravity to lead the way..

Sages of old have told us to adopt an attitude that aligns with how water operates, as we are in effect made up of the stuff.

An attitude that aligns itself with water is a calm and clear mind, one that is present and alert, and flows like water, not just dancing, but being the dance.

Or, we could worry about all the things that have not happened yet, and throw our bodies chemistry into chaos and misalignment. Nothing good comes from this.

The feeling, that comes with knowing, for sure, that we are going to be OK, is what you could call peace of mind. This is our natural place of equilibrium, the point where we align with water, the place where all the goodies are, and it is the truth.

Because, it is all about having a good feeling, as much as possible, as this is the place where wisdom flows, and where everything just works out for the better.

If young people who feel under pressure for any reason, could have the thought, and know, for sure, that they are going to be OK, and that life will work out OK for them, what a difference that could make to their lives.

The pressure to be “successful” would take on a whole new meaning as they are going to be OK anyway. They could take their oars in, and let the current of life, and the good feeling, take them, like all of us, to wherever.

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