Imagine for a moment a young boy of about 15 yrs old. Let’s say that he is being bullied in school, finding it hard to make friends, school results are terrible, and he’s riddled with insecurities, home life is not good.

Let’s say that at home he finds himself living in a household that is full of arguments, his sister’s fight, and his parents seem to argue all the time.

To him it might look like “what’s the point of life”? He might get so caught up in his thinking about all of this that he starts seriously questioning any possible future that he might have.

He feels terrible all the time, living in a downward spiral of emotions.

Let’s look at the “facts” about what is happening here –

This kid is making movies up in his head about all the stuff that is happening around him. The stuff may be real, but the movies are self created, by the special effects department in his mind, and his own free will.

These movies directly create his feelings of fear, insecurity, lack of confidence etc, moment to moment, because that’s how the system works.

Feelings/emotions are a feedback system telling us about the quality of the movies, moment to moment. Its a closed system that loops back on itself.

His circumstances have nothing to do with how he feels, because he is “living in the feeling of his thinking”, all the time, without exception.

It’s all an internal process going on in our own inner worlds, that we create, using the gift of thought.

If he mistakenly believes that his circumstances are at least partly responsible for his feelings, he immediately paints himself as a victim to external forces, and spends energy wastefully trying to “fix” them.

This is the most important thing to understand for all of us, and especially our young people, we have grown up with an unconscious belief that how we feel is caused by our circumstances.

Not true – never was – never will be.

Understanding this true fact of life, this principle of thought, automatically, moves us towards creating nicer movies, regardless of the circumstances, because that’s how the system works too.

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