Our immune system is always working to fix anything that needs fixing. The best environment for this is a calm mind.

A calm and peaceful mind is our default/natural/innate position, and the only reason that we are not experiencing a calm mind all the time is our thinking – and nothing else, nothing to do with the circumstances, events and people that surround us.

Each thought comes pre-packaged with the corresponding feeling/emotion, two sides of the same coin. We are always living in the feeling of our thinking.

Now, we are the creator of our thoughts, we make them up from the raw data that comes in from our senses. Our thoughts are not real, they are mirages, illusions, movies from our own vivid and incredible imagination.

When someone understands (deeply) that their thoughts are made up by themselves, but, they create very real feeling /emotions, then, they start to have a different relationship to their thinking. They don’t take it so seriously any more, and this is the start of a learning curve, because the system is always geared to allign itself with innate health. Like when you take your foot off the acelerator it always returns to its natural position of “tick over speed”.

Our negative emotions are like “rumble strips” on the road that tell us when we go off track, that our thoughts have strayed away from the equilibrium position.

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