Anyone out there suffering from so called “addictions”, might be curious to know how on earth, someone who has been “addicted” to gambling for 4 years, all of a sudden stop, as a result of seeing through the illusion of the label.

A 23 year old guy came to see me for a “gambling addiction”, he said that “I think that I am always going to win, despite all my losses”. “I am lying to people about where I am going, “I am lying to people about what I am spending my money on”.

Now, this is a smart guy who has just been promoted to manager in his retail technology job, he understands that what he is doing, gambling all his money away, is stupid, but his belief on one crucial point is mistaken.

He thought that the action of gambling was making him feel good, and so when he passed by the “gambling stores” he fell for the special offers, and went inside, and enjoyed the feeling, thinking that it was the action of gambling that was causing him to feel so good.

Except, it was not the action of gambling that was making him feel good – it was his thinking, full stop!

Now, 1 week later, when he came to see me for the second time he is a totally different guy with a whole new perspective on life.

He now understands completely that he can get the good feeling, anytime, by simply allowing his thinking to keep moving. He spent all week passing by the gambling stores and saw how silly he used to be, fooled by an innocent misunderstanding about what was making him feel good.

He said, “What’s the point of gambling now when it has nothing to do with how I feel?”

He said also that, “I feel relief with this understanding, as I see so clearly now, that I am not broken, and never was”.

He sees how this changes everything about how we view anxiety, panic, fear and lack of confidence, and he put his new understanding to good use when dealing with an elderly customer who was annoyed in the store.

He saw that it was because this customer did not understand technology and it was their thinking about this, that had them confused and angry. So he explained in a very calm way that it was quite easy, and they would be up and running in no time. The customer relaxed and the deal was done.

I see this type of change all the time in my practice, and it is so invigorating to be able to teach and point people who are suffering, down a different path to a nicer feeling, that they may never have known existed.

To know that we are all ok, and we will always be ok, no matter what, makes life lighter, and not so serious. To let our thoughts move and flow, blends into and aligns with, an already there perfect system that looks after us always.

The “Missing Link” as Sydney Banks talks about is the understanding about the true nature of thought, and how we, as formless intelligent energy, are all living in the human feeling of our thinking”, all the time.

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