The Fallacy of Addiction…..

Before clients come to see me to give up smoking, I always ask them are they really serious about doing so, because if they are, then there is a very good chance that this will work, and that I can help them get over the line.

Being serious means things like getting rid of all cigarettes and matches, lighters, ashtrays etc, and preparing for their visit to see me.

Giving up smoking can be the easiest thing to do in the world, when you really want to, and there will be no cravings, because cravings are not caused by the absence of smoking, but by their thinking about smoking.

People do not have a problem with their smoking, or their drinking, are their gambling or whatever, what they have is a problem with their thinking – and nothing else.

Everything starts with a thought, whatever you think about, you will have the exact corresponding feeling or desire, which you then react to, that’s just the way that the system works.

All the damage that smoking does to the body, and it’s simply because of the thinking that we create, and fool ourselves into thinking that it’s real, and then act on it, as if we had no choice, when we do.

Thought is the vehicle in which we roll out our lives, it’s a gift, and a freedom, which we can use to create any craving we want, so we might as well create a craving for life, and for the pursuit of letting silly habits go, for good.

Free will, together with the best special effects thinking department in the world, means that all of us get to have an opportunity to create, for ourselves, whatever we choose.

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