Recently I finished up 4 sessions over a couple of months with a client, a man in his forties who lived with the notion of suicide on a daily basis.

He came to see me as a result of a story about a client of mine that I had written about in Ireland’s “A lust for life” mental health website, where something about the truth about the 3 principles, and the possibility of recovery, and the whole new wonderful life that my client was now experiencing, clicked with him.

This is a guy who was a chronic alcoholic up to a number of years ago, who suffered from severe depression and bipolar disorder, which had got much worse as a result of giving up the drink, which had been masking the terrible pain he was feeling, and now was back with a vengeance.

He had to be admitted to St Patrick’s Hospital for 4 months as a result of the madness that was going inside his head, and ended up retiring early as a result of bullying in his job.

This is what he said to me, “I didn’t think much of myself, but I was all I could think about”. He said he had a “Hole in his Soul” and “something missing from birth”.

Someone had said to him as a child that “there’s a want in you” that he took as criticism, and a premonition of terrible things to come.

He had read all the self help books, and has been going to AA on a regular basis, where the sense of community was something that he could hold onto.

Now he has really taken to the teachings of the 3 principles, and this new understanding for him has changed his whole life around.

He sees that yes, he does have a choice over the thoughts that he wishes to entertain in his head, and as a result is feeling so much better, because his wellness is now coming to the surface.

When the tension of thinking about something horrible loosens itself, what turns up in its place is the ever growing feeling of peace, which reveals the true essence of who we really are.

Once the foundations of an untrue belief begin to crack, it’s only a matter of time before it disintegrates completely.

He came over to London recently to the 3 principles conference and was so pleased to see such a genuine truth, and understanding being shared by 750 people, from all walks of life and many countries, that he felt the real sense of community that is only found deep in the soul.

Now he said to me “the hole in the soul, is very small” and he has a “foundation” with which to build his new life now.

He is looking forward to all the possibilities and the choices that he has at his doorstep, from awakening his passion for music and writing, to really connecting with his wife and son on a level that he never thought possible, as little as a few months ago.

His 20 yr old son cannot get over the difference in his father, his new lightness, and they are connecting now on a completely different level, going to his sports events and being the father that was missing for so long.

His wife, who so wonderfully stood by him all these years, and never gave up, when he was a nightmare to live with, has now got the man she loves back in her life again. How cool is that?

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