The science of Epigenetics is showing us that, as we think, we are changing our genetic make-up, as it’s a fluid system in constant motion.

So in effect, not only are we changing our own internal make-up, we are also having an effect on our future children by what we are thinking about right now, as it seems that every experience that we have leaves a “marker” in our genes, as they respond constantly to all our thoughts.

Thought is at the very source of everything for us, as human beings, it what starts the ball rolling, it’s the very essence of the illusion of life.

In effect we are not a victim of our genes, and hereditary issues, as these markers only make us “predisposed” to everything that went before us, but in any moment it’s our thinking, lifestyle and diet, that is constantly changing our inner chemistry and affecting our health, for good or for bad.

This is really good news, as we are no longer victims of anything, but creators of anything we want.

This is the power of thought, and since we make up all our thinking, then, being aware of this can help us greatly in having more peace of mind.

There is the story about the man who had no memory, and still kept a diary. In it every day were simple words like “feeling great, having a wonderful time”.

Our default position is peace and happiness, wisdom and resoursefullness.

We are literally built for success, and the only thing that can take us away from that place is our thinking. With no memory of the past, what’s left is a peaceful feeling, that is always there, and never goes away.

So if we feel angry, or fearful, or worried or anxious, that’s just a sign that we have just gone off track, as we allowed ourselves to believe that the thoughts we are having, in that moment, are reality, when the reality is that we just made them all up.

The feelings and emotions that we are experiencing are always alerting us to the quality of our thoughts. This is the feedback system that helps us move back in the direction of the only reality, which is peace, love and contentment.

We do this so innocently, all the time, not realising how the system works, and not using it to our full advantage, causing ourselves all sorts of problems when we behave as a result of how we feel.

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