Recently I had a second session, with a client that was referred to me, and the difference in this 28 year old man, in one week, is incredible.

When he came to see me for the first session he told me his story, up to age 22 or so everything was going great with him, job, girlfriend, confidence levels etc, and then he developed pains in his stomach which was diagnosed as Crohn’s disease.

Crohn’s disease was in his family so he assumed that he was next on the list and that life for him was going to be downhill from now on, as he looked to the future and saw nothing but darkness.

For the next 5 years or so, and after 8 operations, he said he was suicidal most of the time, and he said that “I would have thrown myself over a bridge only for my parents”

He said that he was “beyond depressed”, that he was “dead inside” as his overthinking and worrying completely took over his life.

Now 1 week after his first session he is experiencing a transformational change, as he had the most calmest and peaceful week that he has ever had, and that “the noises have stopped grumbling in my stomach”.

What happened here? How could his life change for the better so quickly?

The answer lies in his now, new, understanding about how his negative overthinking and worrying has been inflaming his Crohn’s disease, way beyond what it might have been. It is said that 95% of all diseases is caused by chronic stress.

He sees now that as he allows his thoughts to keep moving, they do, and what turns up instead is a greater sense of wellness and peace of mind, automatically.

He wonders now, what came first? Crohn’s disease or his thoughts about Crohn’s.

Early days for this guys road back to wellness, but it shows how powerful our thinking is and how it effects our body in such a direct and all inclusive way.

A calm mind allows the body to work the way it is supposed to work, it allows the immune system to heal anything that needs healing, as this is the natural inbuilt resilience that is hard wired within us all.

Chronic stress, anxiety, worry and insecurity messes up our lives, and takes us away from the innate health that is always within us all, and is all caused by the thoughts that we make up, and innocently believe to be real.

It causes us to behave in ways that we would not normally do when we are calm and thinking straight.

Anyone suffering from emotional stress, worry and insecurity can learn more their road back to wellness by having a session with me in the Dublin area or by Skype. Hope this is helpful. Thanks for reading.

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