Sometimes it looks as if wellness has left us, as sickness and physical challenges come into our lives.

It can be difficult to see that regardless of the circumstances that we may face, there is still a place of peace inside of us, that we all have access to, and is our true nature.

I had a client recently who was suffering from a lot of stress as a result of worrying about a family member who was facing a serious operation and may not survive.

The incredible thing is that this person who was facing the operation was in an amazing state of peace of mind, blood pressure was low, already planning in her own mind, all the things that she was going to do, when she got better.

What a wonderful example of the innate resilience that is within us all, the innate wisdom to find that place where we can go, that place of home, where we can be at peace, regardless of the circumstances.

And to know also, that all of us are connected to each other, at energy level, and passing into the next world is like casting off a set of clothes, as the human form dissolves back into the energy that is our true nature, before this human journey.

This life that we all get to experience is like a banquet of unlimited magnitude, and we have the choice to partake in it, as little or as much, as we so desire.

When we see what this life is like, from our true nature, it looks like a banquet, with all sorts of possibilities, no matter what.

The trick is not to be fooled by the illusion of life, it’s the illusion that makes it a fun game or not.

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