Recently I was giving a 2 day course on the 3 principles of mind, consciousness & thought, and one person who had been suffering from depression for many years suddenly realized that the belief that they were “broken, with a serious mental illness, was not true, and that there is no such thing as mental illness.

Can you imagine what it must be like for anyone who has been labeled with the stigma of this word “depression” for may years, all the things that were put aside, and never done.

In an instant they saw the truth, and you could see the relief that had been lifted from them. Now that person has a degree of “hope” and new thinking is filtering into their consciousness, giving them new feelings, and starting a learning curve towards a more peaceful life.

This is the kind of “insight” that people have when they get an understanding of the “facts” (principles) about how we all experience life.

We all make up movies inside our heads about our lives, and who we are, and it seems that most people make up movies that give themselves a hard time, with guilt, anger, insecurity and countless other negative thoughts, completely made up from their own special effects department inside their minds.

This is the magicians “trick” of life that we all fall for, bringing us untold suffering and pain, together with the damage that this thinking does to our bodies by flooding them with toxic chemicals, like the damage that iron fillings in oil do to the engine of a car.

I recently saw figures from america that 61% of people with cancer had “forgiveness” problems (thoughts), and over half of them had serious forgiveness issues.

There is nothing more toxic to the body than harboring thoughts of bitterness or revenge. Some people go through life making themselves sick with rage and anger, choking off the wisdom that is available to them, and creating all sorts of problems in their working and private lives.

How ridiculous would it be to keep watching a horror movie when you hate horror movies, we just would not do it, and yet, we do do it every day, sometimes, innocently falling for the magicians trick, over and over again.

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