Even though we think of ourselves as individual people, we really are a colony of about 50 trillion cells, and each cell has all the functions of a human being, little human beings, if you like.

We have bone cells, skin cells, muscle cells, nerve cells, immune system cells, etc. etc, and they have all evolved over time, so that they are all experts at what they do.

Left to their own devices they will go about their job, expertly, carrying it out every day, all our lives.

This is really very cool, as all of these cells working together, peacefully, create a state of wellness and innate health, within us all, which can’t be broken or taken away.

This is peace of mind, hard wired within us all, at our very core, where every cell is working away, doing what it has evolved to do.

There is however 3 things, that can damage our cells and contaminate the pre-existing wellness and health of the body.

The first is trauma, like being hit by something, like a car crash or a bad fall. The second is poison, like some kind of substance that gets into the body and does damage to our wellness and health.

The third is chronic stress caused by negative thinking.

Because in simple terms, worrying about the future, thinking about nasty things that happened in the past, being angry, frustrated etc, all throw the natural balance of the body out of sync, and directly cause good cells to turn off, and bad cells to turn on.

We literally can make ourselves sick by negative thinking, or hinder our immune system as it goes about healing some existing challenge or condition.

The thing is, all thought is an illusion, it’s not reality, yet it is through thought that we create the only reality that we experience in this life, and we make it up from the infinite possibilities that are available to us.

As spiritual beings having a human experience for a period of time, using thought as the vehicle for the journey, it makes sense therefore, to be more neutral about the content of our thinking, and allow our thoughts to keep moving like clouds, being the watcher, calmer in the background.

Let your body do what it has evolved to do, and does very well indeed. Operate on auto pilot more, allow the calmness and innate wisdom within you, to guide you along the way.

Use your thinking more as a resource to sort out issues, that need the art of thinking to think them through.

Enjoy more, the natural health, wisdom and wellness that resides within you, always, and shows up automatically with a calm and clear mind.

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