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Understanding More…..

I was giving a talk on stress recently, and some really interesting topics came up.

“Someone should have told us” is the name of a great book by Jack Pransky, and the title gives us a glimpse into the “illusion” that we have all grown up with.

We kind of believe that a certain amount of stress is a good thing, that it sort of motivates us into doing things. Well, someone should have told us (they did not know), because no amount of stress is a good thing, even a small amount causes toxic chemicals, and a big amount causes a big amount of toxic chemicals, which affect our bodies in very negative ways.

Ruminating on a negative event which happened in the past, as one person was experiencing, was causing a pain in her stomach, and she was innocently caught up in a loop of, thinking about it, creating the toxic chemicals, which are a shadow of the “thought”, flooding her body with these chemicals, creating a horrible mood and feeling, and then behaving as a result.

We do this innocently with our thinking, we don’t understand how the system works, yet, but that is changing. Someone is telling us now.

Remember what it feels like when you had a great day, doing something that you liked, that feeling and emotion is your “default” feeling. What about the time when you were on top of your game, whatever that was, that feeling that you experienced then, was your natural, innate wellness showing up, that never goes away.

So, how do we experience more of the good stuff?

Simple, consider the “fact” that how you feel in any one moment is the bodies way of telling you the quality, from high to low, of your self- created thinking.

We have thousands of thoughts every day, pick the ones that “feel” good. Don’t keep watching a scary movie all the time, bring it back to the video shop, and get yourself another one that feels better.

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