I saw a client recently, a young girl in her early twenties. She was experiencing extreme pain in her stomach sometimes, and the doctors who saw her reckoned that it was psychological as they could find nothing wrong with her, and so referred her to me.

It turned out that she would get really involved with family arguments, and in so many other kinds of disagreements that other people were having.

These are the type of situations where she experienced a lot of pain.

When we discussed her life and the type of things that she would think about, it became obvious how her thinking was “chock a Block” with other peoples stuff, and considering that she was at university this was not a good state of mind and strategy for learning, and getting her degree.

When she got herself worked up thinking about something, she was, innocently, flooding her body with toxic chemicals that do no good, create a horrible feeling which again, innocently, cause her to behave in ways that were not who she was.

This is the typical kind of loop that occurs when we allow negative thoughts to hang around in our heads, believing them to be reality, when all they are, are, creations of our own wonderful imagination.

This is so simple that when you see it, it seems so ridiculous to continue to entertain nasty movies of which we are the producer, director and audience, and which cause us a lot of pain.

I love to witness the reaction when my clients get this, because in a way you see miracles happening right in front of you, as they waken up to a truth, which is changing the fields of psychiatry and psychology around the world.

It’s like seeing how the magician does his trick, it’s like the clouds opening and the sun shining through.

Really, most, if not all of our problems are just thoughts, and nothing else, because whatever is the situation, whatever or whoever is causing us problems, we all, always have the last call on how we choose to see it.

Think of how this simple understanding could help some of our young folk who are experiencing a lot of pressure to succeed in life, and who sometimes give a lot of mind-space to negative thinking, that when entertained over and over again, really can mess up their lives, and can lead to problems with their health, or worse.

I’m putting together a curriculum for teaching this understanding in schools and if anybody is interested, please get in touch.

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