Anyone out there suffering from anxiety, please consider reading this story, about a young woman who came to see me in my clinic.

She is in her early thirties, just married, and as she says herself, “I have everything that I need, money, lovely husband, dog etc, but I still suffer from anxiety and panic attacks”.

She says “I have always had anxiety, I was a very shy child, and all I could do was cope, and manage my anxiety”.

She also said that, “I could not go to work, I thought I was losing my mind” and saying to myself, “I have to do this, or, I have to see this person”.

To her this is the norm, life is just difficult and the best anyone can do is just cope as best as you can, and this is what she does, as best as she can.

So her thinking is all over the place, and her body is out of balance, because it’s been marinating in toxic chemicals like adrenalin, which is causing the feeling of anxiety and panic, and it’s this feeling that causes her to behave as a result.

She unconsciously and innocently believes, that the feeling of anxiety, that leads to a panic attack is caused by events, circumstances and other people that surround her in her life, and she goes about trying to fix them all.

She knows that there is a feeling of peace and serenity that she has experienced in the past, and she would like to experience it more.

And then, when she learnt and deeply understood, that the only thing that was causing her feelings and emotions was her thinking, and nothing else, everything changed in a heartbeat.

Because now, she sees that she has complete control over how she feels, as it is just her illusionary thinking that is doing it, created by herself, and since she has free will over what thinking and movies she wants to watch, it’s game over.

She now says “I learnt that nothing is broken, and that there was nothing that I needed to do”.

She saw all the thought patterns that she used to use that started in anxiety, and developed into a full blown panic attack, as she wrecked her head trying to figure it all out.

When she saw how all of this worked, and how easy it was, she said she “experienced a huge feeling of relief, and knew that she could go out tonight if she wanted”.

And so after only a couple of sessions her life has been transformed in a way that she never thought possible.

So anyone out there who is suffering please give me a call and come to see me for a few sessions, or (skype calls) and learn about how we all work as human beings, and experience our individual lives.

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