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Bryan Ryan
Bryan Ryan
Bryan Ryan is a Psychologist and Mental Health Educator registered with The 3 Principles Global Community, who helps ordinary people with typical everyday problems, from Anxiety, Stress, Worry and Fear, to Confidence issues, Phobia's and the Cessation of Smoking.

Since 2011 one main area of his work is on a research project with the Gastroenterology Department at St. Vincent's Hospital. He sees clients with Crohn's disease, and IBS, who also suffer with psychological problems like Anxiety and Worry.

Anxiety, Stress and Worry flood the body with toxic chemicals which hinder the body's natural healing system. Calmness, and a Quiet mind flood the body with healing and growth chemicals.

The results are incredible, here are some comments from clients after only a few sessions..

  • My sleep is 100% better
  • My Confidence is returning
  • Deep sadness has gone
  • Internal pain and shaking has been replaced by a warm feeling in my bowel
  • No more swelling in my ankles
  • Feeling happier in myself
  • More relaxed
  • Peace of mind in my mind and body

He believes that all of us, with no exceptions, can enjoy insightful, contented lives, when we understand some fundamental ways in which we all work, for example, that 100% of our feelings and emotions, from good to bad, are caused by our thoughts, and nothing else.

He points his clients in the direction of the facts, that none of us are “broken”, and that “Peace of Mind”, and a relatively stress free life is available for all of us, because it's the “Default Setting” in each one of us. There is no need to examine what happened in the past.

He teaches people how we all create our own unique experience of life by thought, and that our feelings are actually giving us accurate feedback about the trustworthiness and quality of our thinking, moment to moment. We are always living, in the feeling of our thinking.

In 2002 he left the world of business and set out fulltime to study the world of Psychology, especially Hypnosis, which he has had an interest in since the 1970's.

Starting with a diploma in Life-Coaching, he then got certified as an NLP Master Practitioner and DHE Practitioner. A prolific studier to this day he has read many hundreds of scientific papers and books on Mental Health, and its related subjects. He has lectured in St. Patricks Hospital on Depression, and been interviewed on TV and Radio.

In 2004 he spent a year working for the late Professor Paul Goldin, as a Mental Health Consultant and Hypnotherapist.

In 2005 he set up in private practice under the Milton Clinic name in Greystones, Co Wicklow. He now also sees clients in Blackrock, Co Dublin.

Bryan is passionate about this new approach, and in an easy and soft manner awakens the client to the wonderful world within.

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