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The Science
3 Principles/Health Realisation
The Three Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought
Bryan Ryan
Bryan Ryan

Hi there,

I'm Bryan and thanks for checking out my page.

I have found in my nearly 20 years helping people with all sorts of daily issues, from chronic stress, anxiety and phobias, to addictions and insecurities, that, what transforms their lives, very quickly, is when they understand how their mind and their thinking works.

Because unfortunately, we have all grown up with an outdated understanding in this area.

At our core we have perfect wellness and peace of mind, our bodies marinating in the natural juices of health. This is our "Default" position, or "Zone" as its known in sport, it can't be broken or taken away from us. It's a psychological fact or truth.

When we are calm in our peace of mind, everything goes much better in all areas of our life, our healing and immune system works at its best for our bodies, and we have more access to our wisdom, and all our natural and unique skills.

We make better decisions day to day in all areas of our life.

Our experience of life is an "inside out" job, a "movie" projection created by our wonderful imagination, with our emotions and feelings giving us moment to moment feedback about the quality of our thinking.

When we start to see this, things change, we loosen up more, allowing our innate peace of mind and calmness to come to the surface automatically.

Because, we didn't learn this at school, "someone should have told us", they didn't know, it's kind of new to us, but we do know it deeply inside, and with some teaching and guidance in this direction, we can transform our lives in un-thought-of ways.

Take care and have a good day !

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